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Where do I download the curriculum?  If you accept Terms of Use (below) email us at curriculum@knowledgecontext.org and we will email you the link.


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What's in the curriculum?  Downloads include the middle school curriculum (with Teacher Guide, Student Workbook, and Connections to Content Standards), a college curriculum, and a nanotechnology-focused high school curriculum.


How do I get my questions answered?  How do I keep up-to-date on the curriculum and anything else I might want to know?  First, sign up for our discussion group in the box on the lower left of this page.  Through that Yahoo group we make occasional updates on curriculum or training.  It also allows anyone in the group to post questions or suggestions for everyone else to see.  You may also pose questions or suggestions directly to us at info@knowledgecontext.org or call (831) 465-6513.



Terms of Use

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