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These 6th grade students completed the ICE-9 curriculum and then went on to apply that strategy of understanding and evaluating technology to researching Legos, baseball technology, soccer technology, and bicycles.


Click on a question to see a video of their answers (transcripts follow each question).  Viewing video clips requires Windows Media Player.  Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, these clips may load slowly.



What strategies will be useful to you?

"I think all of them are really good, especially costs and benefits like Devlin said.  Because if you just didn’t have this and looked at a technology, it might be kind of hard.  You wouldn’t know what to do.  But after you had ICE-9… first you find out this is how it works and this is what it is and why would someone want to use it.  Would someone want to use it for good reasons or bad reasons? And you could just totally find out all about how to evaluate it yourself."

What ICE-9 strategies will you apply in your future?

"Definitely the way of thinking about its costs and benefits to evaluate is it a good technology?  Is it a bad technology?  And whether it's really good that everybody should have to use it or whether it's so bad it should be banned in all cases."

How does understanding how a technology works help us understand its costs & benefits?

"Well if you can understand how it works, you can understand what it does, which can help you understand the costs and benefits.  For example, a bicycle goes forward faster than someone can walk, which is a benefit.  But it can also fall down and hurt someone, which is a cost."

Does thinking that a technology is good make it a good technology?

"Even if a lot of people thinks it's good, it might not necessarily be a good thing because they could be misinformed about it."

How do most people evaluate technology?

"I think probably based on what they've heard about it from the media or the web or however they heard about it."

How does ICE-9 help to evaluate technology?

"The evaluate part of it is good because it helps you look at other people's point of views."


What do you remember the most from the curriculum?

"What I remember the most is doing the evaluate because I never actually thought that people would have different opinions on soccer."


How would you have approached technology without ICE-9?

"I would have definitely just taken a look at what it does, what is it, and its history.  I don't think I would have done much of what are its costs and benefits, why do we use it, how does it really change, and all the other stuff.  And ICE-9 really helped me look at those things."




 2010 KnowledgeContext


Teaching Young People to Think About Technology