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Executive Director Miguel Aznar keynotes educational conferences and meetings
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The keynote speaker was entertaining and informed.

Elementary Ed teacher


Conference was excellent--went far beyond what I hoped for. Received so many great technological ideas to be implemented in the classroom. The keynote speaker was very enthusiastic and well informed.

Elementary EC partnership teacher



We promote thinking about technology by speaking at conferences, being interviewed on the media, and meeting with groups of teachers and parents.  Our workshops train teachers in the use of ICE-9, showing them how it supports their existing curriculum and helping them to integrate it.  Our talks on understanding and evaluating technology include stories on...

  • Hawaiian bobtail squid ingesting luminescent bacteria to shine simulated moonlight.

  • The TV character "MacGyver" using paper clip to short-out nuclear missile, a chocolate bar to plug acid leak, & cold capsule to trigger homemade bomb...in order to explain why Tasmanians could have bone needles and fish hooks, and then forget about them.

  • How Napoleon commanded the invention of the modern pencil (because he started a war and ran low on old-style pencils).

  • Why, five years after a thorough study predicted that centuries would go by between nuclear plant failures, Three Mile Island melted.

  • How nanotechnology could harvest carbon from polluted air to make diamonds...or how it could replicate out of control like the brooms in the Sorcerer's Apprentice (played by Mickey Mouse).

  • Why the Taliban evaluated TV and satellite dishes as bad technology, but pickup trucks and AK-47 rifles as good technology.

...and much more.  Drawing on history, biology, sociology, and pop culture, these talks will entertain wide audiences.  See technology in a whole new context and feel more confident in understanding and evaluating new technologies.


Watch a keynote talk that Miguel F. Aznar gave to district technology directors in Santa Clara County.  List engagements at which we've spoken.  Request us to speak at your event (or interview us for newspaper / radio / television / etc.)


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Teaching Young People to Think About Technology