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You know how you can tell this [teacher workshop] went well? We are all still up at the end of the workshop, we're not grumbling, and we're talking about it among ourselves.

Diane Smith, Teacher

Mission Hill Middle School

Santa Cruz, California



On December 8, 2004, Miguel Aznar conducted a teacher workshop at Mission Hill Middle School in Santa Cruz, California.  Video clips from that workshop on technological literacy and the ICE-9 curriculum are linked here.  Click on a picture or subtitle to load the video clip related to that subtitle.


Viewing video clips requires Windows Media Player.  Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, these clips may load slowly.






Where does technology fit into the big picture?

A summary of the past few billion years

Michael Crichton's book "Prey" and the election in Ukraine

How is technological literacy different from proficiency?




What's the pedagogy behind ICE-9?

What does a teacher need to know in order to teach ICE-9?

How might a teacher use ICE-9 in her classroom?



 2010 KnowledgeContext


Teaching Young People to Think About Technology