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Site Map  This page

Testimonials  Teachers, parents, and others tell why they like what we do

How Can I Help?  Spreading the curriculum, volunteering, donating,...


Comic Strip  A visual explanation of why we do what we do

FAQ  Frequently asked questions about why and what we do

Literacy  How technological literacy is very different from using computers

Concept Map  Graphic relationships of our parts

ICE-9 on ICE-9  Applying our tool for understanding and evaluating to itself

Interview  What a parent says about using the curriculum


ICE-9  Downloadable classroom curriculum on Identity, Change, and Evaluation

Benefits  ...to students, teachers, and schools

Content Standards  Science, history, math, and English-language arts connections

Student Projects  Students used ICE-9 to research Legos, soccer, missiles, and more

Pedagogy  Structure underlying our lesson plans

Student Interview  What students say about their experience with the curriculum


Books  For adults who want to understand and evaluate technology (or help their children)

Articles  For teachers thinking about using our curriculum

Interview  Students read the book and interview the author


Engagements  Conferences, radio shows, and other venues at which we've spoken

Request  A form to request that we speak at your event or program

Video  View video clips from a teacher workshop on technological literacy and ICE-9


Timeline  When stone tools and other technologies were invented

Connections  Connections between various technologies

Mystery Boxes  An online activity used in our curriculum to show how technology works

Refrigerator Magnets  An online activity to play with the vocabulary of technology

Life  Another online activity used in our curriculum to show how technology works

About Us

Mission  Our mission, vision, and values

Team  Our governing and advisory boards

Supporters  Organizations and individuals who have contributed

Search  Look for words or phrases anywhere on our website

Feedback  Send a message or inquiry to us


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